Greenwood Farms, LLC
Richmond, Michigan
Greenwood Farms is a family owned and operated business.  Our goal is to
produce Clydesdales for temperament, looks, soundness, performance and
success.  Years of dedicating time, money, and hard work to the breed is
showing tremendous results with each foal crop producing extremely
desirable traits & characteristics.  We are excited to be exhibiting our own
breeding, and offering quality Clydesdales to the public.

If you are new to the breed and are interested in obtaining more information
please do not hesitate to contact us.  It is great to have new people get
involved in the Clydesdale breed and experience the excitement as we
know it.  If you are looking for a pet or a potential bell ringing show
prospect we have what you are looking for at Greenwood Farms.  As we all
know, not every horse is going to be a champion and all horses no matter
what need a good and loving home.

From a young lad Mr. Cryderman has been involved in the draft horse
breed, he worked along side Albert Stankawitz and Eddie Freetag at
Timberland Farms, a renown Belgian farm in its day. Chuck and Cindy
bought their first Clydesdale's from the National Clydesdale Sale in 1995.  
Little did they know that their hobby would someday lead them to become
owners and breeders of over sixty head of horses.

Chuck and Cindy's love and dedication to the Clydesdale breed has been
passed to the next generation.  Their daughter, Stacy, is currently attending
Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine, and is a
member of the Class of 2009.  Her interests include equine dental, nutrition,
reproduction and lameness.

Luke Williams of Olanta, PA has been residing farm manager here in the
United States since fall 2004.  Luke manages the breeding farm, with an
impressive 13 mares expecting this spring 2008.  In addition, he organizes
the mare hitch, and provides a great farrier service.  Luke holds a degree in
equine science from Meridith Manor Riding Masters, where he too was
assistant instructor for 2 years.

A huge thank you to the Bob Robertson Family, Westedge Acres,  of
Listowell, Ontario for all their hard work and dedication.  Bob Robertson
not only serves as head manager of Greenwood Farms, he is also a great
friend to the Cryderman family.  Bob's keen eye and behind the scenes
preparation of compiling the show string has given both Westedge Acres
and Greenwood Farms a place in history.  
Visitors Always Welcome
Greenwood Farms, LLC
34801 Weber Rd. ,Richmond, MI
Chuck Cryderman (586) 531-0345
Bob Robertson (519) 291-5875
Luke Williams (810) 531-2567
FAX: (586) 784-8894